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Looking Back At World Cup Anthem

Asif Mahbub     14 June, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Looking Back At World Cup Anthem

“When I get older, I will be stronger,

They'll call me freedom, just like a waving flag.”


These lines remind us of a song made for the football lovers. This song was written and sung by K’nann. But unfortunately this popular song for football was not selected as the official anthem of 2010 Fifa World Cup. Another football world cup will begin today. Everyone is feeling the heat of the greatest show on earth. During this time many other things create the buzz among people. Such a thing is the anthem selected for the world cup.

World cup anthems are now a part and parcel of the celebration. Nowadays without a world cup anthem the tournament seems to lose its spark. But the history of world cup anthem is very interesting. FIFA used official anthem for the first time in Chile World Cup 1962. Since then anthems have been an integral part of the world cup.

In 1962’s world cup the official song ‘El Rock del Mundial’ was sung by Los Ramblers. The song was written by Jorge Rojas Astorga. After four years the world cup was hosted by England in 1966. The anthem in that world cup ‘world cup willie’ was sung by Lonie Donegan. In the world cup of 1970 (Mexico) the anthem was sung by Los Hermanos Zavala and the song was “Futbol Mexico 70”. “Futbol” was the official anthem of 1974 Germany World Cup and the anthem was sung by Maryla Rodwicz. The song was composed in German, Spanish, English and Russian languages. The 1978 World Cup was arranged by Argentina and for that tournament the official song was “El Mudial” which was sung by Argentine band Buenos Aires Municipal. In 1982, Spain hosted the world cup and the name of the anthem of that world cup was “Mundil” which was a Spanish song.

Mexico hosted their second world cup in 1986. The anthem of that World Cup was “Hot Hot” while the song was sung by English band Arrow. The anthem of ‘1990 Italy World Cup’ was “To be number one”. In 1994, USA hosted the greatest show on earth for the first time. In that world cup the anthem was “Glory Land” which was sung by Daryl Hall and Sounds of Blackness. France hosted the 1998 World Cup. Famous singer Ricky Martin sang the anthem for that year which was “The Cup of Life”. This song became one of the most famous songs of that time. In 2002, Japan and South Korea jointly hosted ‘FIFA World Cup’. The name of that year’s anthem was “Vamos Mundial” and for the locals there was another song which was named “Let’s get together”. In 2006, Germany hosted the world cup. At that time so many singers came up with songs for the tournament but the official song of that world cup was “Celebrate the day” which was sung by Divo. However in the opening ceremony of that world cup Shakira came up with “Hips Don’t Lie” which became a super hit song.

South Africa hosted the next ‘FIFA World Cup’ in 2010. Two of the very best songs about football were released for that tournament - one was “Waving Flag” while another one was “Waka Waka”. But among these two “Waka Waka” went on to become the official anthem. Nevertheless “Waving Flag” got immense popularity among people and touched millions’ hearts.

In 2014, Brazil hosted the world cup and the song “We Are One”, sung by Pitbull, Jenifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte, became the official anthem. And this year Russia is hosting the world cup. FIFA has already released the song “Live It Up” as the official anthem. Nicky Jam, Will Smith and Era Istrefi have altogether sung the song. The music has been produced by famous Dj Diplo. So far football fans around the world is not grooving with it. One of the major reasons is that the song does not represent anything related to football. So, fans around the world have mixed opinion about the song.