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White Forever

Nusrat Jahan Pritom     14 May, 2018 12:00 AM printer

White Forever

When it comes to makeovers, white is a rare colour. It doesn’t seem to belong anywhere on the face canvas- neither the lips, nor the eyes or the cheeks. Yet, white is an achromatic colour. This means it is a colour that lacks hues. In an era where contrast fashion and contrast makeup is gaining rapid popularity, it’s only a pity white is somewhat forgotten. Find out some ways you can play with this pure, whimsical hue and create lively as well as elegant makeovers.


White Eyeliners

Let’s be honest. We all have wanted to try this at least once in our lifetime. Yet most of us failed miserably. White eyeliners are quite popular, yet hardly ever used. That’s because most of us aren’t doing it the right way. The safest way to use white eyeliners is with black ones. You just can’t go wrong with that!


White Eye-Shadow

This is the most common of all the white makeup essentials that you could think of. White lipstick or white blush would be insane! White eye-shadow best works in the inner corners of the eyes and just under the eyebrows. It helps let the eyes pop up and makes them bigger and more attractive.


White Teep

White teep is something quite rare. We only remember the big black or red ones. But white is a colour that loves to shine as well as hide. It has the ability to glow by itself, irrespective of size. Both light and dark shades of lipstick would look equally beautiful with this.


White Jewelry

White jewelry looks elegant, chic and exquisite. It might be a bit tricky to do the makeover here. If you are opting for a monochromatic dress, it is wiser to skip the white jewelry as the jewelry will become invisible amidst the white dress. You could have a colour theme in mind. A red gown with a pearl necklace is one idea. It provides enough space to let the red and white standout. Just a bold red lipstick would suffice here. White can look gorgeous in various shades of blue, especially if you have highlighted hair.  A crop top or off shoulder dress can have a white choker necklace.