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Fashion Therapy

    14 May, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Fashion Therapy

If there's one thing that we know about rainy days, it's that it's gloomy and often threatens to take the fun out of our fashion games. Just because it's raining cats and dogs outside doesn't mean sartorial sacrifices must be made. Think outside the box. Work with colours, patterns and playful hemlines.


Rhythmic Style

The clouds can cast darkness in our moods too. Let’s face it. We all feel a bit gloomy during the monsoon. Uplift your mood with style when it downpours because fashion can also be your mantra for happiness.

Style is not just a statement, it is an emotion. Fashion can help make you feel better, like a therapy besides making you look impeccable! But that doesn’t mean we need grand colours and designs. Looking exquisite is all about dressing well. Style doesn’t need to brag opulence rather its simplicity should flaunt elegance. We are talking about rich hues, fresh prints, short numbers, light fabrics and just the right amount of layering to give a rainy day a fashionable spin. Play with proportions, avant-garde pieces, and finish off your look with a light dewy makeup. Fashion can also be a therapy. Get your wardrobe ready for the shabby months with one, or all, of these trends.


Fiery Fashion

Nothing spells more femininity like a charming red kurti. The diagonal black design looks enchanting when paired with black leggings. It’s the sort of outfit you need no makeup for! Let the dress be of the perfect fit. Oversized will look clumsy while ultra tight ones will neither be beautiful nor comfortable. A classy bun goes great with this attire. You can add a pair of long earrings with this.


Play With Colours

Although dressing for the rain may seem just as dreary as the sky looks, rainy day outfits don't have to be drab. You can add in a burst of colours such as a white kurti with multi-prints. It’s easy and effortless. No chunky jewelries, no big ensembles or layering are required here. You can leave your hair open and put on a bright smile (with a bright lipstick!). This naturally beautiful look surpasses exaggerated makeovers any day!


Creative Concoctions

What will happen if you mix two fashion ideas together? It might be something you never predicted. A monochrome fashion combined with floral impression is the perfect example. This merging defies every fashion rule in the book. The black and white patterns elongate your figure and look classy, the floral design adds vibrancy while the pink border and buttons give it a sassy and punk feel.


Precious Polka Dots

There is no certain day to wear polka dots. A cute pattern goes well with any day and any season. Opt for a monochromatic romance with a black and white polka dotted dress, paired with black leggings. It is effortless, understated with a bit of an edge. You can choose to keep your long hair open to really emphasize that elegant feminine look.



Model: Nadia

Photo: Monjurul Alam

Styling: Syed Ruma

Wardrobe: Le Reve

Makeover: Woman’s World

Studio: Time’s PhotoGarage