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Romantic Fervours In Your Fashion

    12 February, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Romantic Fervours In Your Fashion

Be My Valentine

Whether you are single or have been bitten by the love bug, you can’t help but feel excited about ‘Valentine’s Day’. May be this is the year you will meet your soul mate. In case you already have one, Valentine’s Day can be a great way to recharge your bonding. Find the trends, aesthetics,
culinary arts and lots of love in this week’s Groove to make your special day more memorable.


Romance is in the air. Fashion of Valentine’s Day usually revolves around red. However, there is still a lot of dilemma. What shade of red should it be? Should it be a traditional dress or a western one? There's no one right way to celebrate Valentine's Day, and different agendas call for different outfits. Let's face it - nobody wants to end up at a fancy, romantic restaurant dressed up in a messy way. Whether you're having a romantic dinner with your love or catching a movie with your significant other, a perfect pre-plan will guarantee you the most fashionable day.


The Perfect Pair

Choosing the right outfit for Valentine’s Day can be a puzzling issue. However, you can never go wrong with timeless traditional attires. The romance of red and the grandeur of golden design make a kameez the perfect choice for the day. You can wear it with palazzo or payjama. Men can opt for a similar coloured punjabi along with white jeans. The similarity in colours between you both will be an announcement by itself that you two are made for each other.


Love At First Sight

Whether you are meeting your spouse after work for a dinner or meeting your date for the very first time, create an impression they will never forget. The enchanting colour red can rescue you. Red is the colour of love. It adds refinement and glamour to any occasion. Women wearing a red dress can choose their jewelry wisely. It’s best to keep both the jewelry and makeup neither too light (as it’s not a regular day) nor too heavy (it’s not your wedding day too). Men can sport a bearded look in their gorgeous red punjabi. Don’t forget to take some flowers for her, guys!


Be Trendsetters

While red is predominantly seen everywhere on this day, don’t forget to try out new hues and patterns. Instead of following the crowd, you and your partner can become trendsetters. Opt for a gorgeous golden and pink coatie kameez. Guys can put on a floral white shirt with a pair of blue jeans.


Model: Srabonty & Deep
Photo: Monjurul Alam
Make-up: Zaara’s  Beauty  Lounge