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Falgun Flavours

    12 February, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Falgun Flavours

Spring is here. An exciting assortment of flowers will be visible all around the country. The flamboyance of the Pahela Falgun festivities will be conspicuous in our fashion too. Women will be clad in yellow, orange and other bright coloured clothes while men will be mostly sporting a ‘Himu’ Punjabi of striking orange hue. Rather than a celebration of a day, it is a celebration of hearts. Welcoming of the majestic season spring cannot be done in a more boisterous fashion. The sight of flower garlands, flower bouquets and flower motifs everywhere will be soothing for eyes. Just like many Bengali festivals, Pahela Falgun celebrations also begin during the day. The vibrant colours blooming everywhere echo the sweet melody of spring.


Vivacious Trends

Pahela Falgun’s fashion is full of energy and life. While yellow is the premium choice for this season, there are innumerable shades of yellow to choose from. If you want something vibrant, make your choice brighter. The intensity seldom needs any extra embellishment. If you are looking for something more natural, opt for a light yellow dress. Additionally on this dress, you can have shimmery embroidery to add a bit of glamour.



Spring Grandeur

For evening parties, a lustrous orange dress with scintillating golden embroidery is the perfect choice. Make-up of Pahela Falgun is mostly light and natural but as this is an evening party, you could go a bit bold. Dark kajol with dark eye shadow and a bright red lipstick looks gorgeous with such attire. Put on a pair of shimmery, long earrings. Let your hair down and flaunt your curls!



Dynamic And Youthful

While yellow and orange were regarded as strict colour codes for this season, with time this trend has changed as well. An explosion of vibrant colours is now visible in designer’s collections. Many fashion aficionados still love to embrace the reinvigorating colour yellow and pair it with other bright colours or patterns. Some also love to match it with contrast (think of a yellow polo t-shirt and a pair of dark jeans for men).


Model: Srabonty & Deep
Styling: Syed Ruma
Photo: Monjurul Alam
Make-up: Zaara’s  Beauty  Lounge