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Dazzling Makeup Ideas To Enhance Beauty

Winter is the ultimate enemy for skin and therefore some extra care is needed in this season. However, sometimes makeup may make your skin look dull and in order to get a perfect natural look this winter, there are some easy steps that can be followed to keep your skin look glowing and fresh.

Fatema Afroz Subha     1 January, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Dazzling Makeup Ideas To Enhance Beauty

Use Primer

Whenever you are using an oil-based primer, do it before your eye makeup so that the skin can fully absorb it. Prime your eyelids too and set them with translucent powder.

Light Eye Shadow

You may use light eye shadows to make your makeup look much more bright and natural. For example - it can be radiant peach color or any other color you like. Then apply eyeliner as you like it.


In order to keep your makeup light and natural, skip foundation and move on to the concealer. When you have a blemish that your concealer can’t seem to cover, you can try an eye shadow primer near your skin instead, or an eye shadow primer underneath your concealer to keep it away from creasing.


Lightly set everything with translucent powder and move on to contouring your face. Don’t forget to contour your nose.


Blush is an important part of the makeup. Blush your cheeks and you may also use some blush on the outer edges of your cheeks. In addition, doing this with your blush will help you get that rosy effect without making your face appear too flat. Finish it through applying a subtle lighter.


You may use a nude color to make your lips looks natural with a slight touch of pink. If you are still not satisfied, then you can go along with a different theme. For example, bright red lips and black eye liner are classic for going out on the weekend, but a soft and warmer makeup look can make you look delicate.

Finally, you can use a fairness cream to retain the natural glow of your skin. But remember that your beauty product should be of good quality.