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Winter Fashion Essentials For 2018

Nusrat Jahan Pritom     1 January, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Winter Fashion Essentials For 2018

With the New Year, we all deserve a fresh start and there is no better way to celebrate it than through fashion. Let some vintage romance and new age glory come together in your fashion of 2018 to explore the gold from old and the shiny, silver lining of modern times.

Leather Jackets To Rock Winter

Every girl needs a leather jacket to rock winter seasons. It has a sophistication and boldness that can’t be replaced by anything else. When we think of leather jackets, we remember metal singers like Joan Jett or celebs like Kate Moss or pretty much anyone else in the high-fashion. With metal jewelry, a pair of jeans, stylish shades and classy make-up, a style statement can be created.

Don’t Be Shy Of Oversized Hats

Cute fluffy hats, pom poms, beanie bags and other adorable ones may not look tough and cool but hey, reserve them for days you cherish the child inside you. Or when the winds are too chilly! These knitted hats are extremely cosy and stylish and they have some experimentation taking place this year in Bangladesh too. The cutting and design have strayed from the conventional winter hat to look more chic.

Gorgeous Footwear For Happy Feet

What you wear on your feet is as important as what you wear on your head. In fact, research shows that shoes are one of the first things people notice when they look at you. Winter may not be a great season to showcase footwear fashion. It’s definitely too cold for the slinky stylish pencil heels and it’s also not always possible to wear Western dresses or sportswear. You do not want to go out dressed in sari and boots or commit other such faux pas as well! Wear what’s appropriate but do it in style. Many zipped leather heels and wedges are available in the market and surely they can make a fashion comeback this year. Covered flat work shoes may help you during informal or semi-formal occasions.

Elegance Of Cape Sweaters

Capes have been one of the most fashionable attires this year. In winter, they are coming back bringing with them lots of comfort and style. Cape sweaters are elegant and gorgeous and can be worn with any dresses. A beautiful cape sweater with round or V neckline and batwing sleeves with a pair of black jeans or a turtle neck cape sweater with a pair of blue jeans will look stunning and is ideal for hangouts and parties. If you want a bit of swag, go for hoodie cape sweaters- the latest trend in fashion from this part of the world.

Have A Budding, Floral Fashion

There is nothing as boho professional as a floral mini dress with lots of flounce and a twist of colours. Ensemble it wisely with black leggings or jeans, brown boots, red or orange scarves and a chestnut coloured coat. You can try contrasting colours in this manner or more somber colours for more serious occasions. When you are layering and pairing, do not forget about accessories and make-up. The right accessory and proper make-up is what can give a clean finish to your blossoming style statement.