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Setting New Trends

    1 January, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Setting New Trends

Hello 2018 : In the new trends of 2018, street style and casual wear will be placed above everything else. Think of emerging ideas in fashion such as athleisure, baggy palazzo, etc. that emphasize this statement. Own the new year stylishly with a bit of pop, a hint of swag and a rocking personality.

A brand new year means a brand new start. Forgive and forget. Embrace the wind of change. Tell someone how you feel about them. Fulfill a long, chased dream. Do everything your heart ever desired and become a more confident and happier version of yourself in 2018. The best place to start all these is in fashion and we will tell you why. Psychology says how people perceive us matter to us (even if we deny it at times!). This is why something so simple like acne can be an absolute nightmare for many women. This is why cosmetic and beauty industry is always flourishing while fashion scene has always been irresistible. We always want to fit in, by standing out. We love to follow the latest trends, yet aspire to create our own style statement. With the new year starting today, it’s a great way to take a new fashion resolution. After all the lustrous make-up and gitzy party outfits of 31st night, it’s definitely a delight to be in the comfort of casual dresses with a hint of innovation to spice things up.


Cool Collaborations

Let your fashion be as rhythmic and complimenting as the bond between you both. The gorgeous, shiny blue coat over a totally black outfit on her and a tranquil turquoise jacket zipped all the way to the neck along with a pair of black jeans on him is the perfect example of this.

Dark Knights

The style king and fashion queen always struts to every occasion looking picture perfect. And nothing can do it better than the colour black. Known for its attractive allure and enchanting simplicity, black can make any fashion classy. Head-to-toe black is the easiest, chicest, most foolproof way to get dressed and it’s actually cool. It flatters every skin tone and has a rocking vibe. The plus point is that winter is the best time to wear it.

Style Meets Comfort

Men no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort. You can keep both in a stylish beige or buttermilk zipped jacket tailored to perfection with a pocket crafted in meticulously on the sleeves to deliver smooth excellence. The dark toned jeans, neatly swept hair and stylish shades put forward a very affable, yet confident young man. 



High Fashion, Streetwise

You do not need to abandon your swag street mode just because you are done with the New Year party. A pair of black jeans along with black tops, a scintillating red jacket and a pair of luxurious slippers can do wonders in your New Year fashion. It totally resonates with the new aura of yours. 




Model: Shamim & Sukhi
Styling: Syed Ruma
Photo: Monjurul Alam
Make-up: Zaara’s Beauty Lounge
Wardrobe: Cheq
Story: Nusrat Jahan Pritom