Mad Theatre To Stage Play In London | 2017-11-10 |

Mad Theatre To Stage Play In London

    10 November, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Mad Theatre To Stage Play In London

A Season of Bangla Drama, a powerful theatre festival, will be celebrated from November 3-26, 2017 in London. 13 plays in British-Bengali perspective will be staged during the festival. Today ‘Naddio Natim’ will be staged by ‘Mad Theatre’ from Bangladesh at Brady Art Centre, London, UK.

‘Naddio Natim’ is the maiden theatre production of ‘Mad Theatre’, a family-run company, based in Dhaka, which utilizes drama and experimental theatre to explore notions of sanity and madness within the confines of the conscious and sub-conscious mind. ‘Naddio Natim’ is adopted from the novel K Kotha Koy by Humayun Ahmed based on a poet named Matin Uddin.

Matin Uddin is a simple man with simple philosophy; he likes his brilliant classmate Nisu but he never thinks further due to his socio-economic condition. He writes poem with the pseudonym Naddio Natim, which is the reverse form of his own name. Matin Uddin takes up the job of a full-time house tutor of a mentally retarded child named Komol. But Komol’s family feels upset with Matin Uddin’s attitude and dismisses him from the job despite the fact that Komol likes Natim’s company. Komol remains firm on her decision to meet Matin and so her father allows her to talk to Matin. In the meantime, Komol’s parents get separated and out of depression Komol decides to commit suicide. She plans to jump from the roof of their building. Everyone tries to convince her but she listens to no one. At last, Matin persuades her but astonishingly he himself jumps from the roof.

The script was written and directed by Asadul Islam and he also portrayed the character of Matin Uddin. Asadul Islam has been playing important roles in theatre as scriptwriter, actor, producer and designer for more than 25 years. He has established the family-run company ‘Mad Theatre’.


Recently his poem titled "Nidromogno Ghurar Jagi Thoka Dour" has been translated in Assamese language and published by Vicky publishers.