Chit Chat On Indalo’s Music Video ‘Chhobi’ | 2017-11-09 |

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Chit Chat On Indalo’s Music Video ‘Chhobi’

Indalo’s latest music video titled “Chhobi” was released at the Russian Cultural Centre on November 03, 2017. The new single, which was released under the label of Gaanchill Music, was tastefully fresh in terms of sounds. But then again, this rock band has always been unique both in recordings as well as live shows. Jon Kabir recently spoke to ‘the hood’ about the music video and more:

Nusrat Jahan Pritom     9 November, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Chit Chat On Indalo’s Music Video ‘Chhobi’

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“Chhobi is just another song from us! Ever since we began our journey in 2012, we have been completely indie. This is probably one of those songs a major label has released that strays away from popular or mainstream sounds. We are so glad that listeners loved it, the music label loved it and we feel more major labels will be coming up to give a platform to experimental sounds in this way.”


Releasing from a
major label, is Indalo
interested to alter its sounds to a more
popular one to reach
out to mass audience?


“Indalo will really remain Indalo. We really do what we are passionate about- not for likes or hits. There are even times when we change a tune if we think it sounds too catchy or ‘commercial’ as they say! It’s pure music here.”


What is Indalo busy with now?


“We will be busy promoting our new song in the next few days. We will probably appear in live shows sometime in December. Whenever we do shows, we try to offer a unique experience.”


What will the influence of technology be on Indalo in the coming days in terms of digital format, sounds, et al?


“Technology is always changing. We don’t know what the next tech thing may be! If it fits us and offers something unique in an audio-visual aspect, we may go for it! We always endeavour to offer something special in our live shows. We are fascinated by the diverse audience we have. In some shows we even see that kids and middle-aged people are enjoying together. This is really heartwarming.”


What do you think about our music industry?


“There really is no such thing as a music industry, I feel. It’s run by corporate and big companies, most of whom may not even be familiar to the song an artist composes and which they sponsor or release. But it is also fortunate to have so many people from so many fields who are enthusiastic about music and musicians. They are doing a lot and we appreciate it.”