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Casual Blazer: The Art Of Manliness

Rajib Kanti Roy     6 November, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Casual Blazer: The Art Of Manliness

Incredibly versatile, a casual blazer is one of the core garments a man should own to expose his choice of style art especially during the winter. A casual blazer should always be matched with odd trousers and is not a substitute for a suit; rather, it is meant to fill the void between a business suit and ordinary jacket.

Blazer Jacket Style

Blazers come in all types. A Bangladeshi can ask his tailor to make him a jacket in the American style. Travel and fluid borders have made it so that these distinctions have less to do with location. Instead, these country styles serve as more of a historical guide on what was and is still possible to be created.


American Style Blazer

The traditional American style blazer is normally a 2-button navy blue jacket with soft shoulders. The jacket’s pockets can either be patch or flap pocket, with the lapel style being notch. Normally you’ll see a center vent here, although it’s better to choose a double vent as it flatters more body types.

English Style Blazer

English style blazers vary from their American counterparts, as they are built around more structured shoulders with a suppressed waist. They build out the chest a bit more and have less of a box shape. The English style blazer will have a double vent if it is double-breasted. The single-breasted version will have notch lapels and most likely 3 buttons.


Italian Style Blazer

The Italian style blazer varies from the other two in that the fabric selected is lighter weight, and the entire jacket is much less structured. Extremely soft shoulders and a flexible but gently constructed inner lining allow the jacket to float next to the wearer’s body. Vented or unvented, 3 buttons or 2, the Italian jackets have more flair and are a reflection of their wearer’s personality and quirks.


Blazer Buttons

The most noticeable detail on a blazer jacket, blazer buttons can range from delicate smoked mother of pearl buttons to heavy solid gold family heirlooms passed from father to son. Most manufacturers will make their jackets with simple generic brass buttons; although many never change these, a fashionable man can easily turn one jacket into many by simply having a few sets and changing the buttons out with the seasons- mother of pearl for spring and summer, silver for fall, and gold for winter.


Blazer Fabric

Blue-worsted serge is the classic blazer fabric, although any navy worsted or flannel wool is a classic choice. Rougher weaves or fabrics with a slight pattern technically transform the jacket from a blazer to a blue sportcoat. Besides navy, blazers also come in bottle green and lighter colours.

Lastly, remember the details. A blazer deserves nice slip-on dress shoes, a crisp dress shirt, and always looks great when accompanied by a simple pocket square.