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Ways To Pick The Right Wallet

Rajib Kanti Roy     1 October, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Ways To Pick The Right Wallet

Wallets are quite a modern thing in terms of fashion history. Wallets have become more than just a necessity, as they are almost indispensable for modern living. Besides money bills, wallets carry your driver’s license, ID, credit card etc. So, you want a wallet that fits your needs, not a wallet you adapt to. Besides from functionality, wallets can, and actually are, a fashion statement. The wallet you have speaks volumes about you. Maybe it’s because it represents your finances and most important valuable things that need carrying around, like documents and photos. So, to have a good overall experience, here are the things you need to look for in a wallet to add your personal touch.


Tri-fold Or Bi-fold

When making this choice, think of what you want to carry with you. Tri-folds are usually bigger and give you more space. They can also carry a variety of items and have compartments in more sizes. Bi-folds are thinner and can carry less diverse items. Think about the comfort you will feel, when carrying your wallet.



Some wallets have two compartments, which is ideal if you want to separate your bills. In addition, if you are in a situation where you carry different currencies, this type could be useful. If you prefer to have all your money in one place, go for a one-compartment wallet. Well, you can choose a wallet with a compartment for coins, as otherwise coins can be quite annoying. When speaking of compartments, you also have to have in mind the card slots. If you have just a credit card, you don’t need many, but if you are a person who carries around many discount cards and gift cards, you should prefer a wallet that can offer you the space.




With wallets, just as with clothes, the fabric they are being made out of is very important. Most wallets usually come in leather, as it is the most durable and strong fabric for this accessory. There are many types of leather, from thinner to thicker leather, and the way it has been stitched is also important, so you need to have a good look before you buy it. When buying a wallet, ask if it is water proof, as it’s essential to keep your documents as safe as possible.



Most wallets are brown or black, but there are many wallets that come in more diverse colours. Many believe that the colour of your wallet can influence finances. Black or dark blue correspond to water, which is responsible for wealth and prosperity. Black is considered to be the best colour. Gold, silver, white and grey are associated with stability, gold especially is associated with wealth, so carrying a wallet in this colour could attract wealth into your life. Red is said to activate and energize the positive flow of money into a wallet. The green colour is associated with wood and symbolizes growth and development, so a green wallet can help to increase your wealth. Brown or yellow are associated with the earth element and are said to add confidence, reliability and stability to your wealth building skills.


Types Of Wallets And Message


The wallet you have is a statement whether you want it or not. A wallet with a big logo on it is more appropriate for teenagers, while a more elegant one is best for a mature man.


For those who like to keep it really simple, they can choose a breast wallet, which is light and simple. But people who want to create a different statement can make some experiments. As you have all the tools at your disposal now, you just need to apply them.