Beautify Yourself With Embellishments | 2017-04-10 |

Pahela Baishakh Special-styling

Beautify Yourself With Embellishments

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

    10 April, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Beautify Yourself With Embellishments

On the auspicious occasion of Pahela Baishakh, every woman wants to look special. Jewelry is a quintessential aspect for this. Besides the traditional attire and beautiful makeover, a perfect embellishment is really what finishes the look of this day. Putting on too much jewelry may have a clumsy effect while too less may not even be visible.


 The ideal fashion concept running these days is minimalism. It uses simple and elegant hues or plain backgrounds so that the specific design, pattern or embellishment really stands out. You could try such an approach too for this Pahela Baishakh. Work with colours, such as colourful beads or colourful bangles. Here are a few quick tips:




Colourful Beads

One great way to really enhance your Baishakhi look is by incorporating various colourful beads in your fashion. They provide contrast and also look revitalizing in the red and white attire. You could put on various colourful beaded bangles or chains made with colourful beads.


Glass Bangles

Pahela Baishakh without glass bangles is unimaginable! Since time unknown, women love to decorate their wrists with colourful bangles. Red is primarily the colour used on this day but you can also experiment with other colours such as green, blue, orange, purple and so on.



Rhythmic Anklets

Another intrinsic aspect of Bangladeshi beautification is the anklet. Some women love to wear a single one while others love to adorn both their feet with a pair. Golden and silver anklets are the most popular. You could opt for a very simple and elegant one or one with a heavy design. Anklets also create a charming sound which is a bit different from the sound of bangles. Their rhythmic attribute makes them all the more endearing.


Wooden Wonders

Wooden jewelry looks chic and elegant. They provide a sense of art which any other jewelry cannot portray. You could opt for wooden bangles or other wooden jewelry for your embellishment.  


Metallic Magic

Lastly, a metal shine can add a bit of contemporary magic. You could put on a metal cuff in your arm or wrist. Metallic beaded necklace is also a great option.