Are The Coaching Centres Fulfilling Students’ Expectation? | 2017-03-17 |


Are The Coaching Centres Fulfilling Students’ Expectation?

Ibtisam Sayef

    17 March, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Are The Coaching Centres Fulfilling Students’ Expectation?

Attending coaching centers has become a social trend in Bangladesh. A student who does not attend coaching centers is considered as a geek in our modern society. In the last few years, education sector has developed tremendously in Bangladesh. The rate of students attending school, college, university has risen in many folds. As a result a sense of competition has also developed among students and parents as well. Almost every student as well as their parents is in a race to win that competition by hook or by crook. This tendency has been inspired by different coaching centers established in different corners of our country. Students and their parents think if students do not attend coaching centers, they will not get good grades. There were a few coaching centers in Dhaka ten years back. But thousands of coaching centers have mushroomed all around in our country in the last ten years. The question is - are the students really benefitted by these so-called coaching centres?


There are noticeable numbers of coaching centers in every hook and corner of Dhaka city. What is the main intention of these coaching centers?


To serve the students or only to do business and gain profit? In most of the cases coaching centres do not help a student that much. Rather attending the classes of coaching centre is an extra hazard for students. Though coaching centers promises many things at the time of admission but ultimately the result is zero. At the end of the day coaching centers only earn a huge amount of money from the students. Meanwhile students only attend coaching centers to make friends and to do chitchat with friends. Coaching center is a place to hangout for the teenagers. If a student wants to learn, he/she will pay attention to school classes as he/she can learn from the school classes. Coaching is not needed for them in that case. But the students are not solely responsible for such a situation. Teachers play a very important role in this case. Teachers do not pay much attention to the students in class time. Rather they influence the students to attend coaching centres. Teachers convince students that they will get better education if they attend coaching centers. “I along with my best friend Zara attend coaching classes for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math and English. Our school teachers take these classes in the afternoon. Teachers teach us topics in detail in coaching classes, so we have no other option but to attend the coaching classes” said Tamanna Hossain, a student of class nine.

Moreover many teachers often under-mark students’ scripts just to force them to get admission in the coaching centres. Students are totally helpless in this case. Somehow they are being forced to attend coaching classes.

On top of that, students attend coaching centres because they can make some fuss with friends in the name of attending coaching center. Therefore more and more students are attending coaching centers in the capital.


Again coaching centers are a great source of extra income for the teachers. They not only take regular classes but they also take special classes and exams for the final, especially for S.S.C and H.S.C exam. The rate for these classes and exams is different and higher from regular classes.


“My biology coaching teacher is offering special classes for three months for H.S.C exam. The rate of this package is Tk. 12,000 per student. As I am week in Biology, so I have joined this special batch so that I can take a better preparation for biology”, said Waris Ahmed, an H.S.C candidate. But will these special classes help Waris to take a better preparation or is he wasting his valuable time by attending these special classes?

According to a report published in one of the English dailies, the government guideline stated that teachers at schools, colleges and madrasahs would not be allowed to provide coaching and private tuition to students of their own institutions, but they may take extra classes in exchange for a fee at their relevant institution. According to the guidelines issued by the government, teachers cannot charge more than Tk. 300 for extra coaching from a student in metropolitan areas, Tk. 200 in district towns and Tk. 150 in upazilas and unions. Again a student cannot be forced by teachers to attend the extra classes. It is also clearly stated in the government guidelines that teachers can in no way be involved in commercial coaching centres and are liable to be dismissed and their MPO facilities could be withdrawn in case of violation of the guidelines. But the fact is that teachers and coaching centers are not following any of these rules.

Under such circumstances it is mentionable that teachers are very much respected in our country. So they should not corrupt themselves by forcing students to join coaching classes rather they should follow the rules formulated by the government.