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Exhibition Depicting Sufferings Of Homeless People

    3 March, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Exhibition Depicting Sufferings Of Homeless People

A month-long photography exhibition titled ‘Here, For Now’ by photographer Hadi Uddin was inaugurated on February 25, 2017 at Kala Kendra, Dhaka. The exhibition was curated by Wakilur Rahman.

At the edge of the city, where garbage and sand are thrown to allow the city to grow, some humans build their own homes, with disposed furniture and their own objects, animals, assembling them with love. They are not permanent. These people are floating local migrants. Their physical expression, position, dress-up, belongings are interesting and we cannot escape from the desire to get to know them better. The exhibited photographs are simple, direct, but not pleasant. Hadi mixes up with this humanity and becomes familiar with them. And it is exactly in this power to dissociate us from our own reality and bring us somewhere else, in a dimension where the rules of the game differ from those we are acquainted to, where the beauty of these works lies. These pictures are a mirror of their own life. The city needs them to develop but, at the same time, refuses to see and provide them with a space.


“Is it only freedom that we crave for? We desire a home too. There is always an intimate relationship between people and their home. What does a home contain? Is it simply not a family along with a few materialistic possessions: TV, refrigerator, clothing and furniture? Do the four walls provide us optimum security to celebrate freedom? If so, what about those who do not have a home? What freedom do they aspire for?”, said Hadi about his concept of this art-project.

“Boirakhali located in Rayer Bazar is a locality not very far from the glitzy capital of Bangladesh. Those living here do not have a fixed address to return to, however, they do maintain economic formalities—the landlord collects rent. The dwellers’ existence is similar to that of others, except that they are homeless; their housing orientation is temporary. The homes they live in do not belong to them”, the artist added.


From the inception of his career as a photographer, Hadi Uddin had a desire to tell stories. His works has been exhibited in many international photography festivals including Chobi Mela VIII and Dali International Photography Festival.

The exhibition will close on March 22, 2017.