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Micro Stories Of Life

Dr. Mohammad Asaduzzaman Chowdhury

    3 March, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Micro Stories Of Life


There were two persons living in the same city. The city turned out to be a creative one because of the worthy contributions of these two people in the scientific world. The two scientists were professional enemies. One of the scientists was working on the medical sciences and another was carrying out his research on bio-materials. The scientist of bio-materials invented the bio-cell for cancer treatment. Another scientist as well as physician created the new way to replace the new cell with the existing cancer affected cell. During that time, the only son of the king was affected by cancer. People knew that the son of the king will be the next king. But his life was now in danger. The king called on the two scientists and ordered them to treat his son. The king also warned them that if they failed, they would be beheaded. These two scientists knew how to cure the disease but the problem was with their illogical egos. But they had no other option other than treating the boy and compromising with each other. Another thing that came to their consideration was the factor of humanity as real scientists can never ignore it. So both of them decided that this was not the time of professional jealousy rather it was the time of humanity. They changed their conflicting mentalities from pessimistic to optimistic one and agreed to solve the problem by working together. The scientist of biomaterials handed over the bio-cells to the scientist of medical sciences. After the surgery, the son of the king was cured fully from the cancer. After the death of his father, the son becomes the king of this city. The two scientists are now very close to each other. They are conducting their researches as a team with their coordinated efforts.

Synopsis: Combined efforts can change the world and make people happy.



Once upon a time, there were two philosophers in a town. They were very peculiar in nature. They had contrasting views about life as well. One of them believed that ‘never say NO’ while the other one’s motto was ‘never say YES’. There was a third philosopher and he believed that “NO” and “YES” both are necessary based on the circumstances. But it depends on the reality rather than imagination. One day, dead body of a strange man was found near the outskirt of the town. The people of the town were trying to find out the killer. But they could not come to any conclusion. They asked the philosopher of YES, “Do you know the killer?”. “YES, I know”, replied the philosopher of YES. The same question was asked by the people to the other two philosophers. The philosopher of “NO” said, “NO, I don’t know”. The third philosopher answered, “At first I can just say ‘No’, I don’t know but if I get the evidence or clue, then I can say YES.” Then the three philosophers explained themselves. The first one said, “I have said YES, because I think something is responsible for this death. It may be a man, group of people or some other things that may be held liable for this incident.” The second one said, “I have stated “NO”, because I think no one is responsible for this death. I can treat it as a natural death.” Third one said, “Without any evidence or investigation, the answer ‘NO’ is more justified.” The people were satisfied with their answers because opinions vary from individual to individual. The fact is that the world cannot be sustained without diversity and this is the universal truth.

Synopsis: The best solution to every problem can be obtained from different perceptions and opinions.



It is said that a car cannot be moved with neutral gear. In fact, no one is neutral in the world. But if there is any so-called neutral person, he cannot exist retaining his/her stand for a long period of time. This is the story of neutrality. There was a person. He used to brand himself as a neutral person. One day, he stood in the middle of a rail line. Some people standing in the left side tried to convince him to join them. Some other people on the right side of the rail line tried to attract him to move towards them. As the person was neutral, he could not make his mind. A considerable amount of time elapsed while suddenly a train with the whistle was crossing over the line where the so-called neutral person was standing still. After a while nothing was there, there was only a distorted dead body.

Synopsis: No one is neutral in the world. Your so called role of neutrality can destroy you. Your own opinions must be expressed in a justifiable way.

(The writer is the Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology.)