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Iftar: A Beautiful Aspect 
Of Ramadan Observance Iftar: A Beautiful Aspect Of Ramadan Observance

Muslims from all over the world regard the holy month of Ramadan as the most precious month in the Islamic calendar. For them, this is the time for spiritual reflection, self-improvement and increased…

The Hood
Youths Making A Difference Youths Making A Difference

Nazif Yealmy Wants To Make A Change   Nazif has always loved to help people and he became active in social works since he was just 15. “As I grew up, helping…

Fashionable Eid, Vibrant Style Fashionable Eid, Vibrant Style

Lost In Art Bring some old-world feminine charm with a stunning black beauty. The dress has a mesmerizing appeal due to its contrasting nature. It is sultry yet enchanting.…