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DHAKA Tuesday 31 july 2012, 16 Sraban 1419, BS 11 Ramadan 1433 HIJRI
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Breaking News : US report highlights Bangladesh progress on religious freedom <> PM wants public universities to be self-reliant
NEWS OF THE DAYFor the first time, Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra will jam with Ranbir Kapoor, singing songs from Anurag Basuís Barfi in a concert at the end of next month. Priyankaís singing aspirations are well known and so is the fact she is doing an international music album. However, the audience havenít yet heard the actress sing, and they may have to wait a while for her album to hit stores.
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Buet Drama Society stages Che-r Cycle→ Imam Hossain
 Inspired by docu-drama Maybe Che of Asian Peopleís Theatre (Hong Kong), veteran theatre personality Mamunur Rashid, for his troupe Bangla Theatre, scripted Che-r Cycle which became a popular play of the recent past.

The same play, which was taken by Buet Drama Society-a theatre organisation of the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology- as its ninth production, was staged on Sunday evening at the Experimental Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy in the city.

Directed by Faiz Zaheer, Mamunur Rashidís play, which is a biographical sketch of legendary Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara, took the audience to a surreal world where Che was on his way to staging a revolution.

The play opens with three strangers on a beach, namely Ranjan, Soheli and Shubhro, who want peace and each of them has a unique interpretation of the world. Their methods of achieving peace are, however, different. The three play eleven different roles that include famed characters from literature and history.

With a sudden trance, they become Che, Aleida (Cheís wife), and Cheís comrade Fidel Castro and Raķl Castro. Through a deeper understanding of Cheís life and philosophy, the three learn to see life in a new light.

The play zooms in on people who want to discover the spirit of Che within. Che fought for people and inspired them to fight for their rights.

According to the playwright, Che lives in his ideas and in the struggle being waged by the people the world over for a better future for mankind. Che was a man of amazing courage and astonishing combative spirit. Full of sanguinity, optimism and faith in humanity, he never wavered in his convictions. During the most difficult days of the guerrilla war, he always volunteered to undertake the most dangerous operations.

Che Guevaraís views, says Rashid, are still relevant to the contemporary world and age of globalisation. The story of the play revolves around Cheís commitment to the revolution for internationalism against new colonialism.

In the play, Che Guevara has been represented as a revolutionary voice in favour of the oppressed of Argentina, Cuba, Mexico, Peru and many Asian and African countries.

The cast of the play included Masud Zaved, Zia Uddin Ahmed, Amin Al Maksud, Nandini Deb, Musarrat Zaman, Ishtiaq Hossain and Moumita Sen in different roles.

Apart from direction, Faiz Zaheer has designed the set, stage lights and costumes for the production while music was done by Parimal Majumdar.
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