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Easy Regimen For The Busy People
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Easy Regimen For The Busy People

Life is a race and staying healthy and keeping fit can be an uphill struggle when you are busy. Here are some tips that will help you to find time so that you can stay in tip-top shape.   Make a list: A great way to focus your time on the things you value, such as health and fitness, is to create a list of everything you would like to do in your free time, such as watching your favourite TV series or running. Once you have got your list, number each activity in terms of how much of a priority it is for you, starting at number one and working your way down. At the end of this task you will have a list of the activities you value. Try to always fit in at least one of your top three priorities per day, even if it is just for 15 minutes. Less can be more: You do not always have to exercise for an hour to reap the benefits and as soon as you understand this you will be able to exercise more regularly, even when you have a jam-packed day. For example, you can do four minutes of kettle bell exercises, four minutes of abs work and two minutes of squats and lunges.   Use the loudspeaker or your mobile: If you tend to be on the phone a lot, think about ways you can get active during these long calls. Getting out of the office and going for a walk somewhere quiet can be a great way to get some exercise without losing any concentration whilst on the phone, or even pacing in your office whilst on the phone can help keep you active and healthy. Optimum foods: When you are busy, your diet can suffer and vending machines, pizzas and takeaways can become too much of a regular occurrence. To make sure you are getting the right nutrition make sure you always have a good stock of foods that deliver the maximum health benefits. For example, tomatoes (good for your heart), spinach (good for your brain), blueberries (good for your cholesterol) and pumpkin seeds (good for your memory) are hugely nutritious and will keep you full. Workout with your kids: If you watch your little ones running too often, quickly realize that they are better than any personal trainer. Playing with your kids, whether it is on the trampoline, dancing around your living room or playing a big game of tag together is a great way to workout without realizing it. Plus this way you do not feel guilty about not spending enough time with them. Relax: When you are chasing a day full of meetings with a busy evening, your stress levels are probably sky-high and stress has a terrible impact on your health and well-being. Therefore one of the best things you can do to stay healthy and fit is to learn how to relax. If you do not have time to meditate or take a hot bath, studies have found that even the anticipation of laughter can help us to relax and reduce stress levels in the body. Live an active lifestyle: If you struggle to find the time to get to the gym or to get to your dance class, then incorporating exercise into your lifestyle might help you to stay healthy and fit even when your schedule is tight. For example, carry your shopping home rather than getting a cab, do some gardening with your partner on your date night, or go swimming with a friend instead of meeting for coffee.