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Adding Glam With Accessories
Nusrat Jahan Pritom

Adding Glam With Accessories

What will happen if you want to create a gorgeous fashion statement without jewelry? Con-temporary stylists have also worked a way around that. As a matter of fact, it is rather unusual to spot someone wearing entire golden sets in a new year party, Christmas party or corporate party. You can embellish yourself elaborately without any jewelry at all. Some women may prefer not to put on too much ornaments for the discomfort they bring. This article may be useful for both these groups of fashionable ladies. The style matrix is updated with belts and brooches and there is just so much you can do even without heavy jewelry!   Embroidered Belts One of the most emerging ideas that mix timeless traditions to contemporary fashion is the ornate belt created solely for saris. While skeptics may have frowned at the very idea even a decade back since there is something rather austere about any dresses with belts (think about school uniforms), the modern day jewelry belts are a breath of fresh air. They are chic, cool, classy and contemporary.   Blooming Brooches Brooches have been rather an understated fashion staple for years despite their exquisite charm. While generally thought of as a cousin of the safety clip, their sole function has been to fix rather than to adorn in women’s fashion. There is also a masculine stereotype attached to it as men have done wonders with brooches. However, brooches can be just as much feminine, fashionable and fun. You just need to creatively intricate them with your style. Many designer sari belts also have brooches.   Sequin Clutch Sequin dresses are extremely conspicuous. But if you want a quieter look, an exquisite sequin clutch can look both elegant and gorgeous.     Scintillating Stilettos The best way to be noticed without trying at all is by putting on scintillating footwear. Bejeweled heels, pumps, stilettos, etc are also a great way to make a personalized fashion statement.