Update : 2017-11-19 00:00:00
Serve people with positive attitude
President asks govt officials

Serve people with 
positive attitude

President Abdul Hamid on Saturday asked public officials to come up with a positive attitude to take government services to the doorsteps of common people and work sincerely staying above any controversy or influence, reports UNB. “You (public officials) should remember that the government as well as your families are run by taxpayers’ money. The services you provide to them at your workplaces is your duty and responsibility, not your mercy or gift,” he said. The President made the remarks while addressing the inaugural ceremony of Officers’ Club Dhaka’s golden jubilee celebration at its premises in the evening. Mentioning that the present government is implementing various projects for the welfare of the country’s people, he said many of the government officials are directly or indirectly involved in formulation and implementation of these projects. “Your enabling role is also every important in policy formulation of the government.” As per the country’s constitution, Hamid said, people are the owners of all power and that is why priority must be given to their welfare. Stressing the need for taking steps to bring transparency, accountability and pace at the workplaces of all government officials, he said they must perform their duty with honesty, sincerity and neutrality, staying above all kinds of unexpected influences and controversies. The President said the public officials are the employees of this republic, servants of people, and so they should come up with their all-out efforts to implement every project of the government and take its benefits to the doorsteps of common people. “You must show a positive attitude at your workplaces instead of negative one. Priority must be given to solution instead of query. Importance should be given to outputs and outcomes, not to inputs,” he said, adding that then the country will go ahead and a path will be paved to implement the ‘Vision 2021’ and turn Bangladesh into a developed one by 2041. About the role of Officers’ Club Dhaka, Hamid said the club is a beautiful place for the recreation of government officials while it also stands by people during any crisis period and is involved in public welfare activities.