Update : 2017-11-06 00:00:00
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Delicious Fruit Prints In Fashion
Nusrat Jahan Pritom

Delicious Fruit Prints In Fashion

Fruit and vegetable prints have always been a summer thing, hasn’t it? We cannot even fathom something so colourful in the upcoming dreary and dry winter season. However, if you are bored with the same old black shawl and blue sweater and are facing a colour crisis in your life, it is time to make a few changes in the wardrobe. You can even tailor your own style perfectly well by blending it with the plethora of colours of different fruits. This does not mean you have to wear that sleeveless white cotton kameez with cherry prints in the middle of a cruel, cold winter. This would not be comfortable at all! However, you can use your imagination and creativity to come up with new things that not only keeps you warm but also sustains chic fashion.     Red Fruit Kurti Add some fruity aspirations in your styling and you can turn your winter happy and lively. A red fruit print such as cherry, apple or tomatoes are cute. Make sure it’s full sleeved. Let the background be white and the buttons be red, resembling the print. You can add in a red poncho over this when the weather turns colder!   Bubbly Shirts Full-sleeved fruit shirts have been a rather underestimated sector in the fashion world. For one thing, many times celebs have sported this. A boisterous lemon printed shirt with faded jeans and shades or a charismatic conglomeration of fruits in your tops would look amazing.   Go Green Green is natural. Green is life. Turn your fashion leafy with lots of green prints. Keep your make up minimum. Colours such as bronze would look stunning.   Candid Kimono One way to feel warm and look gorgeous is by putting on a kimono over whatever you may be wearing! That said, kimono looks much better with western outfit (it’s almost fundamental) since sari and kimono doesn’t really function well. A white top, black or dark blue jeans, a fruity layer of comfortable kimono over it along with a pair of converse can have you ready to go anywhere! This will be quite different from the boho festival look.   Fruit Print Zip Up Bomber Jackets Last but not least, bomber jackets are surely classy! Mix some fruit assortments and they would be sensational as well. Try it with leather jeans and a bright colour tops. You can also put on your hip hop hat! With so much attention on floral prints, we sometimes forget the other beauties of nature – leaves, fruits and what not. Experiment with your looks, with colours and with all sorts of prints to find something that finally expresses your inner vibe!