Update : 2017-07-13 11:34:53
Meet 'Spike' the beetle who loves to draw! (Video)
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Meet 'Spike' the beetle who loves to draw!  (Video)

Animals are known for their peculiar mannerisms that develop as a way to adapt to the environment and some rare creatures show extraordinary capabilities astonishing people.   A stag beetle in Japan named Spike is currently winning hearts on social media with videos that show him holding a pen and 'drawing' on paper - and his artwork is making big bucks on the Internet. According to the Daily Mail, Spike's owner, Mandy, discovered his talent quite by accident. After a video of 6-months-old Spike wandering around on a piece of paper with a marker clasped in his mandibles went viral on Mandy's Twitter on July 3, she created a separate account for Spike.    According to Mandy, stag beetles are popular as pets for kids in Japan. Mandy shares pictures and videos of Spike drawing, eating and generally living the good beetle life on his Twitter account, which has over 45,000 followers.     Mandy is now auctioning Spike's artwork on eBay, where his first illustration has already received over 69 bids, the maximum one being of $316.   15% of the proceeds from the sale of the artwork will go towards People's Trust for Endangered Species (PTES), who helps in the conservation of stag beetles' natural habitat.   Other than artwork, Mandy is also selling 'I like Spike' buttons and thank you notes.