Update : 2017-04-21 00:00:00
Creating A Culture Of Mutual Respect
Dr. Mohammad Asaduzzaman Chowdhury

Creating A Culture Of Mutual Respect

The world is changing rapidly. With the advancement of technology somehow our families are breaking apart. The psychology of the people is also undergoing a major change. Under such circumstances only a relation of mutual respect can save us from imminent social disaster. If it is practiced as a culture, the concept of the mutual respect will be identified as one of the major sources of life. Sometimes it is important to keep your differences aside and exhibit a relation of mutual respect to each other. For instance- there were a lot of constructive conflicts in opinions between Rabindranath Tagore and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi but they used to respect each other from the bottom of their hearts. The differences in opinion and attitude between Tagore and Gandhi are familiar to almost everyone. Tagore’s famous letter to the Mahatma at the inception of the Non-cooperation Movement, condemning it as asceticism and ‘orgy of frightfulness’, has been quoted often enough as evidence of their very basic disagreement. Yet such genuine differences in opinion and world-view did not reduce the amount of mutual respect they had towards each other. Again if we look at the political culture of USA, we can easily understand that mutual respect plays an important role in their national life. If we study the history of the US presidential elections, we will not find a single example where anyone refuses to accept the results announced officially. In our case, the opposition party not only rejects the result but also boycotts the parliament. They should have, instead, ensured their presence in the house of the parliament and demand accountability of the government through constructive arguments. The contestants in the USA do not bring out any procession in the name of campaigning. They send messages through a peaceful way which does not raise any kind of impediments for the ordinary people. In contrast, our political parties do exactly the opposite. Again when the results of the poll are announced, the defeated candidate immediately congratulates his/her counterpart for winning in the election. On the other hand, our political leaders never deliver any kind of felicitating remarks for the winning party. Our politicians hardly exchange greetings with each other. American leaders are practicing such culture owing to the fact that they have mutual respect to each other. In fact, the mutual respect to each other comes from relationships, love, perceptions, trust and mutual understanding among each other.   In other word, it can be said that the meaningful relationships are the combination of trust and mutual respect. In case of group research or similar activities, the mutual respect to each other motivates the people to work as a team. This is related with the concept of mental revolution. In social perspective, social bonding is created on the basis of mutual respect to each other and world can only be changed by real respect. If you respect others, you will be respected by the others. The cycle of respect is originated from family, education and society as a whole. In present days, unfortunately, the mutual respect to each other is not activating towards the most of the people due to the complicated social structure. But we should try our best to get hold of the concept of mutual relationship as a culture and tradition of the society, otherwise victory of open-minded people can never be visualized.  (The writer is a Professor, Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology.)