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Music Bites
Nusrat Jahan Pritom

Music Bites

It was not just a time for Pahela Falgun and Valentine’s Day, many musical events and occasions have passed around this time. The Hood explores some of these events. RockNation Toured Sylhet On February 5, RockNation toured Sylhet for the very first time. RockNation pretty much rocked Sylhet. It was held at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. The bands that performed were Warfaze, Artcell, Vikings, AvoidRafa, Powersurge, Nongar, Psychotron and Rim. When Livesquare began RockNation concerts for the first time in Dhaka, it went viral. The excitement soon spread everywhere. Wherever the concert was arranged, it was welcomed by thirsty rock and metal fans. When the entire gig scene was falling apart at some point, LiveSquare came up with RockNation which offered a great place for rockers to meet what they love most- rock music from the most renowned musicians of Bangladesh. This was one of the main reasons, beside the amazing lineup, why Sylhet had so much anticipation. The people of Sylhet came to headbang as one by one the performers took the stage and rocked the town. Nongor band members were from SUST, so they simply blended in and the crowd had an amazing time. ‘Avoid Rafa’ did not just perform, they interacted with the audience and created some very special moments for many there through their words. It was the first time for many of them to rock and headbang to renowned band Viking’s songs. Warfaze was power-packed and had a lot of fun while performing. Powersurge was powerful as well. Meanwhile everyone was moved by Artcell’s emotional songs such as DukkhoBilash. All in all, all the bands were great.  “When we started out, we never thought we’d continue with probably the highest number of series of gigs/fests in this region and such an authentic passionate group of fans. For one thing, it belongs more to you than to us. And it is ever-growing. When there’s a shout-out, we hear the pulse, the thump from the end of our mapping borders, and sometimes far beyond from that. It is the truest people's platform - an exemplary flare that is recognized in several places as a solid rock platform,” said LiveSquare. EF Releases First Studio Album The heavy metal band EF released their first studio album titled “Mukhosh” last month at a café. Beginning in 2011, the band consists of Tonmoy Rahman, Soom Vai, AS Emon, and Ankur Rahman. This is their first studio album. Before this, they released singles “Two Hours” digitally through Qinetic music, "Shesh Prohor" in Shopnochura-4 (2014) and "Dusshopno" in Rock 808/909/X0X (2015). The album has eight tracks altogether. Listeners will definitely find something new and deep intertwined with rock in the album. Songs like Shesh Prohor, Mittha , Opekkha etc. as well as the title track takes the listener into another world through music. This album definitely has a lot of power in it.