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Date: 2016-09-22 - 0000-00-00

Finance Minister AMA Muhith on Saturday said that use of natural gas for cooking food is a waste of energy. Do you agree with the minister?

Yes 23.3%
No 72.7%
No Comment 4.0%

The United States has offered assistance to Bangladesh's efforts to curb violence, do you think the country needs international assistance in this regard?

Yes 40.1%
No 54.3%
No Comment 5.6%

Govt blames BNP for August 21 grenade attack in political vengeance, do you agree with this statement?

Yes 60.0%
No 40.0%
No Comment 0.0%

Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed said there will be no shortage of sacrificial animal during upcoming Eid ul-Azha, do you agree with him?

Yes 33.3%
No 66.7%
No Comment 0.0%

Do you think govt's proposed ‘ACC act, 2015’ would speed up the handling of forgery cases?

Yes 50.0%
No 50.0%
No Comment 0.0%

Do you think government is taking adequate steps against bloggers' killing?

Yes 100.0%
No 0.0%
No Comment 0.0%

Death threats to the eminent citizens become regular incident in Bangladesh. Do you think government takes proper steps?

Yes 12.5%
No 87.5%
No Comment 0.0%

Do you think Khaleda Zia could mount anti-govt movement again in short future?

Yes 28.0%
No 66.0%
No Comment 6.0%

Do you think Bangladesh Cricket Team will turn around in ODI series against South Africa?

Yes 52.6%
No 47.4%
No Comment 0.0%

Khaleda Zia said basic human rights in Bangladesh absent now, do you agree with her?

Yes 58.3%
No 38.3%
No Comment 3.3%

Do you think Bangladesh will whitewash India by winning third ODI tomorrow?

Yes 66.7%
No 33.3%
No Comment 0.0%

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