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DHAKA Thursday 14 June 2012, 31 Jaishtha 1419, BS 23 Rajab 1433 HIJRI
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NEWS OF THE DAYAnn Rutherford, best known for playing Scarlett O’Hara’s youngest sister Careen in Gone With the Wind, has died aged 94. The actress also starred as Mickey Rooney’s girlfriend, Polly Benedict, in MGM’s long-running Andy Hardy series.
Sing with MLTR moves into television round→ Sun Culture Desk
 Sing with MLTR, the first ever music contest in Bangladesh aiming to have a music talents from Bangladesh to perform with a leading international band Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR), is now in the television round.

The panel of local judges comprising of celebrated musicians Shafin Ahmed (Miles) and Nasim Ali Khan (Souls) has already shortlisted top 50 contestants who will perform in a live audition in front of the judges in the opening episode of the television round of the contest.

The judges will select top 10 finalists for the next rounds. The evaluation process will be supported by AS Zahir, director of Creinse Limited.

These 10 contestants will then be competing over the period of next one week in the television rounds of Sing with MLTR contest in Channel 9 to ensure a spot in the top 5.

The top 5 contestants will then perform in front of MLTR on 21 June, 2012.

The audition round of Sing with MLTR contest will be aired at 11:15pm on Channel 9 on Thursday, and the first episode of the final round will be aired at 10:45pm on the same channel on Friday.

Shafin Ahmed, the illustrious pop music icon of the country, said, “This is a great moment for our music industry, as the young musical talents of the country are getting such an opportunity for the first time in the history of Bangladesh music scene to sing with a world renowned band like MLTR. And I must convey my heartiest appreciations to Creinse and Channel 9 for making this happen”. His remarks were complemented by Nasim Ali Khan, who mentioned, “I am happy to be a part of this arrangement, understanding that me and Shafin Bhai have been entrusted with the task to unearth music talents from the country tossing with MLTR, the first ever moment, where one of ours will stand on the same stage and sing with an international music band like MLTR. I am also delighted to see contestants from Khagrachari and Sylhet registering for the contest.”

Creinse Limited is the official organiser of Sing with MLTR contest, while Airtel is the title partner for television round. Channel 9 is the exclusive television partner and Radio Today is the radio partner of the contest.

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