Now medical question paper leak! | 2015-09-20 |

Now medical question paper leak!

    20 September, 2015 12:00 AM printer

The malaise of question paper leakage of important examinations has taken the proportion of an epidemic as no effective mechanism could be evolved till date and implemented to stop the rot. It is a collective failure of the ministry of education and all other ministries concerned and it is a national shame, to say the least. It needs no mention that the recurrent incidents of leakage of question papers are not received well by the academia in general of overseas countries where many of our students seek admission.  In many places our boys and girls are also being taunted by foreign students over the incidences.     
In the latest incident of medical entry test question paper leakage, four people were arrested with question papers at Mohakhali DOHS on Tuesday night. Subsequently, a raid on the University Grants Commission office resulted in the busting of a gang of criminals who have been doing this business for some time now. In quick response to the involvement of its staff members, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has suspended an assistant director for allegedly helping candidates in cheating during tests for medical and dental college admission and recruitments to government organisations. The UGC official was arrested along with a Bangladesh Judicial Service Commission Storekeeper and a few other persons in league with him.
The media report that elite police unit claimed Siraj is the kingpin of a ring that provides students with answers using Bluetooth earphones and the group helped the candidates during tests for medical admission, and recruitment to Bangladesh Krishi Bank, Judicial Service Commission and other government organisations.
What appears from the reports that it used to be a high-tech operation which possibly were not noticed by the invigilators who are not so familiar with the technology thus used. However, with the busting of the gang, hopefully it will now be possible to detect such criminal activity, persons involved and their modus operandi before more damage is done.
We can only stress that all examinations have to be completely infallible, as the career and credibility of genuine students are linked with it. It is expected that the government will leave no stone unturned in uprooting the corrupt elements from the academic arena.