No unity with BNP if Jamaat stays with it, says Dr Kamal | 2018-09-12 |

No unity with BNP if Jamaat stays with it, says Dr Kamal

Staff Correspondent     12 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

No unity with BNP if Jamaat stays with it, says Dr Kamal

Gana Forum president Dr Kamal Hossain said his party will not forge unity with BNP if Jamaat-e-Islami, a party of war criminals, remains with it.

He made the statement while addressing a press conference at the National Press Club in the capital on Tuesday

“I as well as our party won’t do it (forging unity if Jamaat remains there) but I don’t know what other parties will do,” he added.

“I never supported Jamaat then why I’ll do it now? As far as I know, they (Jamaat) are not any political party now. Their registration has already been cancelled,” said the Gana Forum president.

Mentioning that they didn’t get permission for holding their scheduled rally at the Suhrawardy Uddyan in the capital for September 22, Dr Kamal said they got permission for holding the rally at the same date at Mohanagar Natya Manch in the capital. 

“I don’t understand if it is a matter of taking permission for using a field. All the pro-government political parties are using it but the opposition parties are not allowed. It is contrary to the constitution,” he opined.

Asked about setting up a court in old central jail for trial of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia, he said, “I think they (BNP) will challenge it. The court will decide on it. If I go to the court then I will say that it is not constitutional.”

“Opposition leader has been imprisoned. But trial by setting up court inside jail is not right. There is no justification of it by giving a reference of example of 41 years before,” the Gana Forum president said.

About BNP’s demand for Khaleda’s treatment in any specialised hospital, the Supreme Court senior lawyer said there is a long tradition of allowing sick prisoners receiving treatment in hospital.

Responding to a question about progress of forging ‘national unity’, he said the activities regarding forging the greater unity is positively going ahead.

Replying to a question who will lead the alliance if there is a greater unity, Kamal said he believes in joint leadership, not an individual’s leadership.

Voicing his deep concern over the arrest of people by plainclothes police, he alleged that the government is not running the country as per the constitutional rule.

The Gana Forum chief urged the government to remain alert, so that people are not harassed unlawfully and the law enforcers cannot abuse power.

He also criticised the government for arresting and taking those students, who waged movements for quota reform and safe roads, on remand.

Kamal said they want a fair atmosphere for all political parties before the next parliamentary elections but the opposite thing is being happened.

Referring to the arrest of BNP leaders and activists on Monday centring on a human chain programme, he said such a trend of arrest should not take place.

He further said arrests are being made, old cases are being revived and false cases are being filed staging incidents by law enforcement agencies.