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Ensuring quality use of Bangla

    11 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Bangla is a rich language in terms of vocabulary and the number of people using it as their first language. Literature of global standard has also been produced in this language. Introduction of Bangla by Sierra Leone as one of its official languages has also expanded the horizon of Bangla far beyond the region where Bangla is the mother tongue of the people. And likely recognition of Bangla as an official language of the United Nations will further widen its scope.

Bangla is also a living language in this world where lots of languages are on the verge of extinction. It is getting richer through coining of new words and adoption of fresh words and expressions from other languages. However, needless to say, extensive research work needs to be done to enrich it further. Allocation of dot Bangla (.bangla) internet domain to Bangladesh by ICANN in late 2016 is the reflection of the importance that the global community attaches to this language. This allocation brings new challenges and bright prospects for the enrichment of Bangla.

During the pre-internet period we faced no problem in the use of the language. But its use in the internet gave rise to certain complexities on some letters and characters of Bangla alphabet. Use of Bangla in the internet is still to a certain extent a difficult job. Use of English characters in Bangla text messaging is an expression of this complexity. And there is also the lack of uniformity in following a standard spelling of Bangla even after a sort of standardisation of the same by Bangla Academy.

However, it is encouraging to note that the government is going to develop a guideline on the use of Bangla on internet-based platforms as well as online media with the sole purpose of ensuring proper use of the language in global technology domain. Work on finalising the guideline is reported to have been going on. Discussions on enriching the quality of Bangla on the internet also continue. This is a very important issue and demands incorporation of opinions from all possible angles. Only a flawless guideline can ensure standard use of Bangla in the internet.