Train trip turns risky | 2018-09-10 |

Theft of Rail Anchors

Train trip turns risky

Ahamed Ullah     10 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Train trip turns risky

Rail anchors are missing on a rail track in Karwan Bazar area in the capital, making train movement risky. This fastening system is being stolen due to lack of supervision by the authorities concerned, . The photo was on Sunday. — Kamrul Islam Ratan

Train journey has become risky as a large number of anchors and other parts of rail lines across the country are being stolen every day.

Trains run on rail tracks without anchors at many places, risking accidents.

The railway rules are not obeyed properly to maintain rail lines. If a rail line develops any faulty, it must be repaired immediately.

A legal provision stipulates that the inspector of Bangladesh Railway (GIBR) will visit rail lines at least once a month.

But, monitoring is not done regularly by the official concerned, it is alleged.

According to railway sources, about 75 percent of trains have records of derailment.

Sources said rail anchors are essential components to lock rail lines with concrete slippers.

Due to lack of monitoring and replacement of these important parts, incidents of train derailment happen.

Sources said the rail authorities have to count huge losses because of train derailment or accidents.

Although investigation committees are formed after every train accident, their recommendations are not implemented.

While visiting rail tracks from Kamalapur to airport stations, the daily sun correspondent found that many rail anchors were missing or damaged.

In many places, there was no stone on the rail line. Somewhere rail track connector hooks were seen open.

Apart from this, trains run amid risks as many nuts and bolts at the connections of two rail tracks are also missing.

Currently, there are two railway zones — East and West - in the country. According to the Railways Ministry, now there is a 2,877km railway network across the country.

Of them, 659.33 kilometres are broad-gauge lines while 1005.05km metre-gauge and 409.72km dual-gauge lines.

According to the railway estimation, about 5 lakh clips worth over Tk 10 crore are stolen annually from 2,877km rail lines in the country.

A railway engineer said over 5 lakh clips are stolen or broken every year from rail lines across the country.

The deficit was met with 2 lakh to 2.25 lakh clips. As a result, trains travelled round the year without proper clips and with risks.

A responsible official of the railway east region said drug addicts are involved in the theft of clips and other parts of rail lines.

Officials at the Railway Infrastructure Division said a large number of clips are lost every year. But, quick steps are taken when it seems risky.

Sources at the Railway Police said many cases were filed for the theft of railway parts.

Al Fattah Md. Masudur Rahman, Joint Director General (Engineering) of Bangladesh Railway, told the daily sun that many clips of rail lines are stolen. Many also broke due to train movement.

“Sometimes these parts don’t remain in stock. So, it is not possible to install the lost