Autumn adorns CoU campus | 2018-09-09 |

Autumn adorns CoU campus

Jahed Nohim     9 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Autumn adorns CoU campus

Beautiful autumnal catkins bloomed on the both sides of the road from the main entrance of campus to cafeteria at Comilla University. On the right and left of the street the mounds gives amazing chance to the catkins to grow up swiftly with cares. It looks like a white ground. Occasionally, grass masonry fairs are also seen in Kashbon, especially at the time of sunset. The red bricks spread on the altar of Shaheed Minar and the azure kashful forest around them. Around the kashbon, stands the Central Shahid Minar with solemnity and grandeur. This scene gives romantic pleasure to the viewers visiting there.

These catkins surround the central playground which is a feast for the eyes of the spectators. From a distance, it seems somebody cares regularly but this is a garden that is created with the own hands of the nature. Here the hills are small and have zigzag roads. These catkins, on the both sides of the road, welcome the pedestrians. Sometimes it rains in autumn, however, not as endlessly as the rainy season. Rather the usual rain brings wild pleasure in mind. The rain drops revive the mood of joy.

After the rain the sun peeps and laughs once again. Around the horizon it lays a seven-stroke smile and adds new dimension of beauty, creating a perfect ground for love birds to spend some time there.

So at the end of class, either at noon or afternoon, or even at night, students come to behold the beauty of Kashbon. This is what we may call happiness.

Sayma Binte Hakim, student of the English Departmen, says, "I along with my friends am deeply touched with the beauty of Kashful. So, we visit them frequently ". The students of Bangla Department Siam Chowdhury said, "The place of Autumn's Kashful is especial to those who are suffering from romanticism. They find happiness and some unforgettable moments sitting amidst the beautiful lap of nature".


The writer is a student of Comilla University