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Learning through video games

Mahmudur Rahman Khan     9 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Learning through video games

Gaming is one of the most popular entertainments in modern days. Every ages of people including children like playing games in computer, laptop, consoles and mobile phones. Gaming can be effective if it is used in the purpose of learning. The concept of learning through games is not a new idea. Greek philosopher Plato used this concept in his The Republic over 2,500 years earlier. Plato created a game for young philosopher to play which was performed by Socrates and his interrogators. Now we have much kind of games which are useful to learn history, politics, mythology, strategy and developing minds and brains.

In this age, electronic games are played more than conventional sports. It should be used as best elements to facilitate learning. Players can learn through their own choices. Video games provide an imaginary world with its visual effects and high graphics. Through this, we can see the unseen and impossible things. This advantage can make video game as a supplement to the lessons in classroom. This is the reason teachers and educational psychologists are searching for the best ways to use game in education.

Some games serve brain development, some are educational. Mind games help to sharp the minds and develop the brains. Strategy based games make people wiser, and team based games can give leader like qualities to a gamer. There are many gaming development companies which are developing such kind of games. Some games increase students’ interests in books. A statistics says, 'After playing a game called Age of Mythology, kids often start checking out mythology books from the library or join internet chat groups about mythological characters'. So, history can come alive to a player with participating in games. Age of Empires helps to make awesome strategies. Gamer can obtain buildings, military units, manufacture goods, and develop social and economical growth.

Some games like Assassin's Creed series serve the historical backgrounds of Renaissance, Victorian era, Egyptian age, American revolutions, French revolutions etc. Their upcoming sequel named Odyssey’s background is being developed on Homer's famous epic Odyssey. War type games like Call of Duty and Battlefield will show the affects and the facts of world wars. Gamer will know about the sacrifices of the martyrs. It will increase their patriotism. Gamers will not only learn about the history but also can see the arts, historical monuments and structures of those ages. They will wander there. Though sometimes stories are different but it will help to increase their interest in learning. Their reading and listening skill will be developed too. They can also learn English and develop their vocabulary via playing games. There are a lot of games based on learning grammar and math too. If Shakespeare was alive in this age, he should be written, 'All the games a stage, and all the learners merely gamers!'

But excess of gaming is bad for life. Gaming should be controlled. A gamer should play game in his free time. Playing much will cause health problems. It can be harmful for eyes and brains. Choosing proper game is also important. Age restrictions must be followed to select games. Parents should monitor their children in this regard.


The writer is a student of Department of English, Khilgaon Model University College, Dhaka