Drug dealers back as drive loses steam | 2018-09-02 | daily-sun.com

Drug dealers back as drive loses steam

Ahamed Ullah     2 September, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Drug dealers have got back into business in the capital and other parts of country as the ongoing anti-narcotics drive loses steam.

They went into hiding amid the special anti-drug operations by law enforcement agencies but have started illegal trade again.

The drug peddlers are now continuing their business following new tactics. They have created new spots for their business to avert arrest by law enforcers.

After the announcement of the prime minister’s zero tolerance against illegal drugs, the law enforcers started the war on drugs.

More than 200 people have been killed so far in ‘gunfights’ with law enforcers  in the drives against drug dealers, according to law enforcement agencies.

During the operations, drugs trade across the country decreased considerably. Supply and sale of narcotics also came down during the three-month nationwide anti-drug campaign.

But now the sales of drugs in the capital and other parts of the country have increased as soon as the drive becomes slow.

Intelligence agencies have identified many drug spots across the country, sources concerned said.

But the good news is that the operation will start in these new spots soon. Under the supervision of the Directorate of Narcotics Control (DNC), the operation will be conducted with strict secrecy in all spots.

DNC Additional Director (Intelligence) Md Nazrul Islam Sikder told the daily sun, “Our regular drive against drug-peddling will continue. We’re collecting information to conduct drive against drug dealers soon.”

“Due to special drives, the identified drug peddlers are doing business with new people by changing strategies,” he added.

According to the police headquarters statistics, a total of 42,805 drug dealers and addicts have been arrested by different units of the police. More than 33,000 cases have been filed in this connection.

According to Rab headquarters, since the special operation from May 4, Rab has conducted 3,317 operations across the country. During the special operation, 65 drug traders were killed in ‘gunfights’. A total of 4,546 ‘drug dealers and addicts’ were arrested. During the period, the Rab mobile court detained  7,872 people.

Earlier, illegal drugs were available on roads and lanes. But the known drug spots were seen vacant during the special drives.

Drug dealers went into hiding soon after the special drive was started. But the drug traders have come back again as the special drive has become slow. In the situation, the drug dealers started using the new techniques to bring drugs in the capital.

Earlier, it was seen that drugs were being sold in Karwanbazar rail line slum area, Mohammadpur Geneva camp, Khilgaon, Gendaria, Jurain, Chankharpul, Jatrabari and other areas.

But the strategy has been changed. Now drugs are sold through familiar contacts - not through unknown people to avoid danger.

DNC Director (Operations) DIG Dr AFM Masum Rabbani told the daily sun, “I think drug peddling has decreased nearly 70 percent due to the ongoing special drives against drug dealers.”

“Every day we conduct around 200 anti-drug drives. I think every drive has a positive effect. Within a few days, we’ll go for a massive drive against drug dealers across the country. The operation will be held in coordination with other law enforcement agencies,” he added.

Last week, RAB seized a big consignment of Yaba shipment from the capital. DNC has also seized heroin, yaba and cannabis shipment during their operations.

On Friday, a new psychoactive substance (NPS), a kind of drug, was seized from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport.

A total of 850 kg of NPS were brought in under the label of ‘green tea’. Acting on secret information, the anti-narcotics department seized those from HSIA.