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Daily Sun: Harbinger of Truth

Dr. Kazi S.M. Khasrul Alam Quddusi     24 October, 2017 12:00 AM printer

With pride and panache, daily sun is celebrating its seventh year of publication this October. This is indeed a momentous moment for the people who love newspaper. There are a number of English newspapers in the country and some have even gone into oblivion within early years of inception. However, to the great delight of the connoisseurs, daily sun has kept on shining like a sun. Some have left daily sun; some have joined daily sun. However, daily sun has not left the readers and the well-wishers even for a moment. The authority and the journalists of the newspaper thus deserve special kudos for its uninterrupted progress.


To be candid, readership of English newspapers in Bangladesh is still an area where much improvement is required and it is really difficult to maintain an English newspaper in Bangladesh. It requires real character and capacity on the part of the authority and the journalists to sustain such a newspaper in which daily sun family has really excelled. Its determination and dashing attitude can easily serve as a glaring example for many in the industry. Courage and charisma have also been explicit in smooth functioning and sustenance of this leading daily of the country.


Despite not being a vernacular daily, daily sun contains all the features and characterises a full-fledged leading newspaper contains. By doing so, it is catering to the needs and taste of all kinds of readers. Fresh and breaking news of home and abroad, top class investigative reports, in-depth analysis, news from remote areas of the country, commentaries, critics, literary pages, number of magazines with flamboyant colour and grandeur are the usual embodiments of this newspaper. As a result, it has already become a rallying point of good and great minds. Readers, too, have found something reliable to repose and rejoice in.


Admittedly, the great War of Liberation is the greatest source of inspiration for the nation. Thus, the spirit of Liberation War is supposed to be at the heart of a patriotic organisation. This newspaper has never faltered in upholding the true spirit of liberation. The messiah who led the independence of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, is at the core of its very existence. The newspaper has always remained true to its royal loyalty to the hopes and aspirations of Bangabandhu. It has always remained agile in promoting the essential causes of good governance, social justice, cosmopolitanism and egalitarianism.


Democracy is still the best of political systems. Its importance is also proven in maintaining development of a country. Thus, stability and democracy are two sides of a coin. Unease and unrest dent the pace of development and fuel the forces against civility and serenity. Daily sun has always remained vigilant against the evil forces that conspire against stability and has never fallen in the trap of the anarchic forces. The unwavering stamina of daily sun in adhering to the principles and precepts of democracy has earned a rock-solid position for it in the constellation of newspapers in Bangladesh.


All newspapers have their own editorial policies. It is not unusual either. However, problems arise and intensify when the rigid policies turn into problems for the contributors. I am so happy and lucky that I have been with this newspaper since its beginning in 2010. During its seven years of dedicated journalism, I have found it a niche for the writers who want to write from their hearts. Writer’s freedom is such a thing that unfolds the empire of a thinker. If deterrents are imposed on the mind map of a writer, his or her effusion and reflection are bound to be dwarfed.


Fortunately for me and other writers and contributors, daily sun has consistently remained such a platform where the writers have enjoyed absolute freedom necessary for inking the perfect things in the best possible manner. I have contributed for almost every English newspaper of the country before being a passionate contributor of daily sun and this is my 201st article for it. During these seven years, there have been short and long gaps on my side due to being busy and inertia. However, daily sun and its empathetic entourage literally compelled, to my great delight, me to resume every time I became lethargic.


By playing the role of a catalyst in bringing a writer back in business, that is, writing, daily sun must have done a great favour for me for which I owe daily sun. However, I believe that daily sun has not exhibited its liking for me only. It is rather its reflection of sheer commitment and passion for the writers. I strongly believe that not only me but others have also been buoyed up by daily sun during their periods of writer’s block. Thus, the yeoman’s service that is being provided by daily sun in rejuvenating the writers needs to be brought into public so that other newspapers can replicate the same in their domains.


By winning the hearts of readers, contributors and well-wishers alike, daily sun is now placed at a vantage position and sitting pretty with more goals and objectives to be attained. However, the vision of daily sun, remaining true and impartial in any case, has paid off rich dividends for its untainted image during the last seven years it has served the nation. In fact, the keywords that daily sun has chosen for its standing speak volume of the daily’s imaginative intention and innate integrity. In fact, willingness and wisdom combine in stimulating such genuine endeavours.

On the auspicious occasion of daily sun’s entering eighth year of publication, one can thus rest assured that daily sun has come not only to stay but to cherish all good things of life at both individual and societal levels. So, it needs to keep on booming and buzzing with more radiant a presence in the days to come. A good newspaper is not only a medium of news and views; it is, in fact, a mirror of the society. A good newspaper can contribute immensely so that a society can be viewed objectively and shaped perfectly. As vanguard of truth and impartiality, daily sun has already had resounding success on that score.

The writer is a Professor, Department of Public Administration, University of Chittagong. E-mail: kkhasru@gmail.com