China co threatens to stop CCC maintenance work | 2017-10-01 |

China co threatens to stop CCC maintenance work

Noman Chowdhury     1 October, 2017 12:00 AM printer

China co threatens to stop CCC maintenance work

Wuhan Anyang Science and Technology Company Limited (WASTCL), a Chinese company, has threatened to stop maintenance work of Chittagong Chemical Complex (CCC), despite failures to complete work for resumption of CCC operation within the stipulated period.

On April 24, 2013, WASTCL signed a Tk 114.88 crore contract with Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC) to restart operation of CCC, an enterprise of BICIC, within 14 calendar months.

As per contract, the resumption work was supposed to complete within December 24, 2014, but the Chinese company failed to complete its work even after elapse of 53 months after signing of the contract.

The CCC is facing Tk 16.6 lakh loss per day for WASTCL’s delay in completion of resumption work, but the BCIC and CCC authorities are  mysteriously showing lenient attitude towards the Chinese company in stead of taking legal action against it.

The WASTCL authorities are placing illogical demands one after another and threatened to stop CCC’s resumption work.

In a latest development, the Chinese company issued a new threat on September 27 of stopping the maintenance work of CCC.

“In August, 2017, we mutually agreed to release advanced payment of bank guarantee. However, over one month passed, but advance payment of bank guarantee is yet to be released. Please, confirm with us the specific date for payment and it must be done within this week,” reads the letter signed by Li Guoan.

“Otherwise we will stop maintenance work and send remaining people back. Later, its maintenance work will be handed over to Chittagong Chemical Complex, if there is any damage of the equipment, we will not take any responsibility,” it mentioned.

 The WASTCL’s letter to the CCC managing director claimed that the plant was shutdown due to power, natural gas, capital and staff problems.   

“This is for your kind information that according to our PGTR schedule we had prepared our necessary time requirement, but unfortunately it will be delayed more, maybe we need more time,” it said.

Sources concerned said that WASTCL already received payment of Tk 86, 61, 95, 328 despite its failure to successfully complete the first PGTR on January 13, this year. The contractor tried to resume work of the company for 11 times after the first PGTR, but all attempts were unsuccessful.

Despite its continuous failure, WASTCL, which allegedly gets favour from a section of BCIC officials, in a meeting presided over by the BCIC chairman on August 20 demanded advance payment or 75 percent of down payment against its unconditional bank guarantee.

Sources concerned said that the audit department of BCIC gave its opinion that there is no scope of making such payment to WASTCL, but the Chinese company is still trying to take such payment by issuing the new threat.