UNSC’s failure | 2017-10-01 | daily-sun.com

UNSC’s failure

    1 October, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Security forces of Myanmar have been carrying out violence against Rohingyas for more than eight years aiming at cleansing the minority group. Though the latest escalation of barbarism has been going on for over a month, it wasn’t until Thursday that the Security Council of the United Nations arranged a meeting on the issue.

However, the UNSC has failed to take any decision to make oppressors accountable and save the oppressed. It failed to take a resolution to end the persecution against Rohingyas, allow unfettered access for humanitarian support and ensure a safe and sustainable return to their places of origin. This indecision belittled the human race for its failure to come up for the greater cause of humanity.  

There is little doubt that the weak stand of the UNSC will encourage the oppressors to carry out an ‘orchestrated campaign of violence’ including savage killing, rape and torture against Rohingyas.

It is painful that the UNSC falls short of a bold step to save the persecuted humanity. There are bone-chilling accounts in hands from those who entered Bangladesh and there are technologies to prove the involvement of the Myanmar forces in the systematic cleansing. These remain unused due to the indecision. So, the Myanmar forces deny accountability. Also, there is a race to hide the barbaric actions of armed personnel of Myanmar whereas mankind demands bringing the violators of human rights included in the universal Human Rights Charter to book.

There are reasons to apprehend that the violators of human rights will get much encouragement from this failure of the UNSC. And we cannot deny the possibility of recurrence of state-sponsored violence, like the one Myanmar forces are carrying out now, against any quarters in some other parts of the globe. And thereby, the failure of the UNSC might make the world an unsafe place for all.