Take steps against fake arms licences | 2017-09-07 | daily-sun.com

Take steps against fake arms licences

    7 September, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Alleged involvement of a section of fire arms importers in importing illegal weapons makes us alarmed. We cannot but feel disturbed by coming across such a piece of news. When gunslingers roam about in society, law and order becomes affected and the people start feeling insecure. And, especially ahead of the upcoming parliamentary election, proliferation of illegal arms has serious implications on the peace loving people. This situation deserves adequate attention of the authorities concerned.


A probe body of the law enforcement agency has already identified a fake licence issued from Rangpur district. It is alleged, criminals collect fake arms licences in connivance with dishonest arms store owners. Unscrupulous quarters in society supply fake documents and addresses for the purpose. Analysts believe that there are many such holders of illegal licences of fire arms in the country.  And they suspect that criminals and militants get hold of fire arms by using fake licences.


Media reports also have it that there are many syndicates who smuggle in arms through different points on the porous borders. As a result, the number of illegal arms has increased significantly in the country. A significant number of illegal fire arms are used in political hooliganism and the rest are used by anti-social elements. And ahead of the next crucial national election in 2019, supply of illegal arms is likely to increase manifold.  


Everyone knows illegal firearms have been contributing largely to the deterioration of the country’s law and order and endangering the lives and properties of people. Availability of arms makes even petty criminals more violent and desperate and ready to kill for simple reasons. We know what militants can do if they get hold of sophisticated arms and ammunitions.   


The law enforcing agencies must act before illegal arms holders start using those against innocent people and wreak havoc on society. A comprehensive drive should be conducted across the country to recover illegal arms. And the licence of arms should be delivered to those who deserve and this should be ensured through strict verification of identities of applicants.