Strengthen pressure on Myanmar | 2017-09-07 |

Strengthen pressure on Myanmar

    7 September, 2017 12:00 AM printer

What has been going on in the Rakhine state of Myanmar is state-sponsored genocide unleashed against a segment of its own people – the Rohingya Muslims. This is a blatant violation of human rights – a cruel reality that the world community hardly noticed recently. The people of Bangladesh were subjected to a genocidal policy of the Pakistani ruling clique that led to the deaths of three million freedom-loving people and rapes of hundreds of thousands of women. Now they notice waves of mass murders in their eastern neighbour that resulted in the eviction and mass exodus of the helpless people. Since the last round of mass persecution unleashed on August 25, at least 123,000 Rohingya people have fled to Bangladesh to avoid deaths and tortures.


Despite the human catastrophe going on in Myanmar, the world community mainly found it convenient to remain tight-lipped; they refrained from lodging the slightest protest against the atrocities of the Myanmar authorities, let alone exert pressure on them to stop persecution of the Rohingyas. Bangladesh is going to ask human rights commissions of all countries, UN rights bodies and other global right watchdogs to mount pressure on Myanmar to stop the persecution. And, it is only now that a number of countries including Indonesia, Turkey and the Maldives and right groups have come up to put pressure on Myanmar government to bring a halt to the cleansing of the ethnic minority. So far, Turkey has lodged the strongest protest against the genocidal policy of Myanmar government and the Maldives has severed all trade ties with them. Indian Prime Minister, now on a state visit to Myanmar, is expected to raise the Rohingya issue in his talks with Aung San Suu Kyi. It can be expected that more and more protests will continue to pour in until the Rakhine problem is solved permanently.


However, given the scale of atrocities in Rakhine, the international protest is too weak to force Myanmar abandon its murderous policies and bring in a lasting and acceptable solution to the crisis they created. All major powers of the world should immediately come forward to protect the most persecuted people of the world. The civilised world surely cannot sit nonchalantly and see the extinction of an entire population from a safe distance. The human catastrophe in Myanmar has put mankind to the test.