Enrolment in private medical colleges | 2017-05-01 | daily-sun.com

Enrolment in private medical colleges

    1 May, 2017 12:00 AM printer

A report in this newspaper yesterday revealed that ineligible local students are getting enrolled at private medical colleges in Bangladesh through exploiting the quota facility for foreign students. There is a certain procedure for enrolling Bangladeshi nationals in such medical institutions. The exploitation of foreign quota is mainly aimed at bypassing the lawful admission procedure for allowing less-qualified students to enrol in medical education.

And the institutions authorities, some of whom are involved in this admission irregularity, remain satisfied by realising higher tuition and other fees from students which, in total, are much higher than the rate of fees fixed by the government. This is, in other words, a rampant admission business run by some private medical colleges in violation of the admission procedures for private medical institutions.

Violation of enrolment rules is definitely unlawful, but more harmful is the fact that, by doing so, a section of private medical colleges is doing substantial damage to medical education. As a result, the students, who will be the vital parts of the healthcare system in the near future, are likely to suffer lack of skills and perfection in their profession as doctors. This is a bad omen for the country's healthcare sector, which is already burdened with many problems. And maintaining good quality in medical education, especially in the private sector, has become a challenging task.

According to another report, there are many private medical colleges which do not have a 50-bed hospital, rich laboratory and library facilities, which are crucial for providing proper medical education. Also, many do not have an adequate number of qualified teachers. These institutions have been enrolling students every year by assuring them of quality medical education. But, they seriously fall short of required facilities and manpower and thus are mostly unable to do so.  

There is no room for imperfection in medical education because this leads to wrong diagnosis and treatment of diseases and causes complicated health problems and even death of patients. Medical education must be foolproof by hook or by crook. The authorities concerned should be strict to ensure that private medical colleges follow enrolment rules and fulfil infrastructure and other basic requirements before going for new enrolment.